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Al MArgolis – Mixtape (english)

Slave Ant Raid Track List
Paranoid Systems of History: Worms
SMERSH: Noxious Fumes Week
Buckets: Destruction of the Disjunctive Syllogism
Sadistic Gossip: Camus’ Car Crash
If, Bwana: Slave Ant Raid
I/2 (Half) Japanese: Lucky Star
Senseless Hate: Claw Hammer
Jumbo Zen: Business First, Pleasure Second
Haters: Been Static Apart Now It came With A Rush
Walls of Genius: Amerika Futura
Walls of Genius: Tone Death


This is an edited (originally 60 minutes now 43) version of the very first Sound of Pig tape (SOP 1) and thus also the first compilation I  did, This is from 1984. A couple of other firsts involved as well – the very first If, Bwana piece as well as, as far as my memory goes, it includes material from Senseless hate – the first independent cassette person I ever bought from (or so I always claim). This was George Smith and he ran Chainsaw Tapes.

Back when I first began doing compilations, it was a fairly wide range of independent material – so you have sort of punk, noise, drum machines, indy pop – it all kind of ran together under just a  noncommercial idea(l). And thus so were a lot if the tapes. There is stuff sounding nicely produced and really raw sounds here. Some of these folks go on still and others I have no idea where they may be……


Al Margolis